my secret to long lasting happiness

What is My Secret to Long-Lasting Happiness?

For a few months, in 2015, I was in a state of misery. Never before had I felt so low and cheated by ‘life’. I thought it was something that only happened to others. How could it happen to me? There was a heavy burden on my chest which I couldn’t release; no matter how hard I tried.

I knew I was sinking in a sea that was of my making. I was aware that with every instance I dwelt in that zone, it would be that much harder to step out.

The people who had promised to stay true beside me were, well, obviously absent. How convenient.

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I had to get out by myself.

That was the FIRST signal of faith I let out into the universe.

I think, even a tiny thought of faith when things are falling apart is an immensely strong vibe which a person can emit.

And having several moments (plural) of faith sets you on the correct path: The Path to Happiness.
I don’t recall who said it, but it is apt –

If you are not happy, you are not on the right path!




Hmmm… It comes, it goes. Doesn’t it? It is never stable, or static, or lasting. Sounds familiar?

Personal experiences have resulted in us believing that happiness is not something that truly lasts; it is not a long thread, it’s the bits and pieces we have to find. We have concluded that happiness is simply one side of a coin, the other being grief; and we cannot ALWAYS be happy, because happiness and sadness move alternatively.

Think for a moment…
Isn’t the notion of a temporary happiness preposterous?

Why are we chasing, what we firmly believe, lasts only for a set number of days or moments?
Something is either wrong with our priorities or something is clearly fishy with the entire pursuit of happiness.

The answer is: We have been misunderstanding happiness. We have been going after pleasure and calling it happiness. Pleasure is good. Pleasure is thrilling. Pleasure is joyful. Pleasure is somewhat rewarding. But pleasure is NEVER permanent.

Pleasure gives us momentary happiness.


Then what is Happiness?

It is bliss.

It is continuous. It is lasting. It is a state.

And believe it or not – It is a choice!



Even after choosing Happiness, where is the guarantee that it will last?

Most of us have studied chemistry. We know what a catalyst is: it is a substance which alters the rate of a reaction. There, a catalyst affects the speed of a reaction; here, faith affects the longevity of happiness.

You must have faith (even if it’s as tiny as a mustard seed) that your happiness will last.

But people bitch, people hurt, people die. Yes, emotions are for expression. Permit yourself to feel sad sometimes (for a few minutes only!) Do not mingle your choice and your faith with temporary emotions. They never add up. They are very different things.

Troubles of daily life are missions. Happiness is your attitude of dealing with them.

Happiness is your appreciation for life.

It is seeing the wonder in the creation around us. It is the shedding of worry and becoming an artist who sees everything with a brand new perspective. You see, worry (and everything related) and happiness is like apples and oranges.

They are NOT related!

Happiness is a state which dwells above all our misery.
It is not inaccessible. It is right there, right here, right inside; only limited by the power of choice we think we do not possess.

How to be – happy?

Appreciate the gifts that have been given to you, freely.




A mind.

A body.









All the little things you do.

All that you have achieved.

All that you have tried.

All that you have lost to gain something better.

The fact that what little you have is a luxury for most people.

The fact that you are healthy, even when you could have been far, far worse.

The realization that the food you eat is only a dying dream for thousands around the globe.

The fact that you have freedom of speech and democracy; and all the people who literally shed their blood to make sure that you wouldn’t have to succumb to anyone’s lordship.

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And once you realise and embrace this attitude, it will set you free.
You will not care about other’s judgements.
You will be rid of the utterly prideful notion called, “embarrassment”.
You will help others attain this happiness in your own little ways.
You will realise how MUCH you already have.
Your dreams will make more sense.
Above all, you will become bold.


Life is happening NOW.

Now is the time to choose.

Now is the time to have faith that says – ‘This time it’ll last.’

Did you understand what I’ve tried to say?
If you have anything to add, please comment. It could aid in helping someone in ways you might never imagine.

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