completed one year of personal blogging and here's what I have to say

Personal Blogging: Completed 1 Year and Here’s What I Have To Say


I bet you are living well!

This post is about my blogging journey. It has been a year since I published my 1st post.

Google’s Blogger

Like most of beginners, I started with Blogger.

Blogger is Google’s free online tool for bloggers. The name of my blog was: My Vantage Point.

I stuck to blogging for a while. Then I went on a short break.

I returned and changed the name of the blog to – The Split Mirror, again, on Blogger. and

I had heard praise about WordPress from articles I had read online.

WordPress has two branches, and The former is free like Blogger and the latter requires a self-hosted site (a website).

So I tried for a while. I created a blog named – The Opinion Cruncher. I spent the entire day trying to get my head around this new space. It was utterly boring and not as customisable as Blogger.

I stuck with The Split Mirror.

Then I went on a break. This time it was of a very long duration!

After I came back, I had obviously forgotten the customizations I had done months ago.

Lost, but itching to write, I opened and created a new blog – Candid Angle. Yes, this was the most un-lame name yet. 😆   It also defined what the blog would be about – frankness. I found to be very elegant and simple to maneuver.

I got serious about blogging.

Self-Hosted Site on

Then I read a lot of articles, and all of them seemed to suggest that I should get a web host (a company that hosts your website). If not a host, then at least a custom domain name (name of the website).

I decided that it was time I should get a custom domain name and rent a host. So I did.

For details, ask me here.

It has been 2 months since I created this site. But 1 year since I started blogging.

The first post was published on the 9th of March, 2015.

Blogging – Why?

Initially, blogging was about what I wanted the world to hear. Now, it’s about readers like you. My purpose is to help you through my words. You don’t need help? Well, let’s just listen to what we have to say, together (something we need to do urgently!)

The form below is for you. Tell me what you want to hear from me.


What you see here are simple words on a white screen. But the effort that occurs back-stage is tremendous! I hope you know that. Keep sharing. Keep forwarding. Keep well; a new set of posts will follow.

Till then,
Be Happy and Love Well.

18 thoughts to “Personal Blogging: Completed 1 Year and Here’s What I Have To Say”

  1. All my years of blogging, I’ve always stuck to blogger and never dared to experiment around. After reading your feedback, I might consider switching. Just hope it won’t be a hassle moving from one blog to another

  2. Wow happy anniversary! Blogging is definitely a bit of hard work and a big amount of passion and you’ve done a great job. I’m a long way from my first year but hopefully I stay inspired til then.

  3. It’s been quite the journey for you. That’s awesome. I started out with 2 blogger sites. Never worked out. What you post can be taken down at any moment because you don’t own your content. They prioritize their traffic not, yours. That’s why I switched to a self-hosted blog which is way better. If something is free, it’s features and capabilities are always limited. It also gives your mind a subtle message that this isn’t just a hobby. You’re spending for it and working on growing it. Keep it up George.

  4. Happy anniversary. I started on Blogger, and now so many years after of sticking to Blogger, I do not know if I could still move to WordPress despite the nice words you said about it here. I don’t know if it would be worth it to start all over again.

  5. Congratulations on reaching one year. I’m glad you enjoy blogging and you’ve really come a long way. I guess we all go through that phase wherein you keep changing your blog until you’re satisfied with the results. And we all take a break too.

  6. I’ve tried Blogger, too. That was before I shifted to, which I found easier and more appropriate to my taste and creativity. Now, I use the portal as I have my own domain name already.

  7. I also started in Blogger, years back. It was a personal journal before. I moved to WordPress when I was invited by a blogger friend to be hosted under her webhost. Happy Blogversary keep on writing, sharing and inspiring.

  8. Happy ( Blog ) Anniversary! Is it? You certainly have gone a long way. And like every other blogger ( me included ), I’m sure you found something truly enjoyable about blogging. I have signed up for a WordPress page but I have not had the time to learn WordPress and ‘study’ it. But I hope to one of these days.

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