Good Friday: Five Times – Death & Jesus [Poem]

The first time I spotted it –
Walking in the piazza – My Death!
The Chief Priest it was – a golden breastplate,
Covered in fine cloth – evil in the head!

I sensed death a second time,
On a table – twelve ready to dine!
It really hurt in the tender heart,
To be betrayed by a friend of mine!

But, “Love wins, love always wins.
Was a motto my Abba had sent for me.
Then I lifted the bread and the wine,
For centuries they would see.

The third time I saw it – A vision,
That cross and those rusty nails.
Fear crept within me,
And I wept!

I wept to a father,
Far and fine!
“If it’s possible, Abba – take this cup from me,
But let your will be done, not mine.”

I not only saw death,
For the fourth time.
But felt it completely,
In its fullest prime!

There I hung to a tree,
And wore a – “Crown of Love.”
For a crime known as –
“Unconditional Love”

The fifth time I sat with death,
It was in a tomb!
I sat there waiting,
Like a baby in the womb!

And they say it’s not easy,
To keep a good man down.
Because after a heavy storm,
A rainbow quietly comes around!

And so the tomb opened,
And the stone rolled aside.
“Goodbye death,” I said,
And emerged like a newborn outside!

Written in 2011, Class-11

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19 thoughts to “Good Friday: Five Times – Death & Jesus [Poem]”

  1. Very well-written with a unique point of view being presented. Yes, He did see death way before it happened to him when he began his public life. But what is important is that He conquered death with His resurrection.

  2. What a beautiful reminder of how a challenge or a problem can feel like the end of things and once we surrender ourselves to God, dark days will change to brighter ones and not so far away is a feeling of rebirth. Thanks for the good read, it was inspiring!

  3. I love your writing here. Looks like writing is definitely your passion. I’m glad to hear that you’ve taken the time to actually pursue it by blogging. Great job George! Happy Easter my friend. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Your poem is an eye opener. It reminds you of where you’ve been, others of where you want to go. Some validate your worldview and others challenge you in everything you do. This is the real struggle, a struggle not only for remembering Jesus in Good Friday, but a struggle in our everyday life.

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