be in love instead of falling in love

Be In Love, Because Falling In Love Is Simply An Illusion!

“Falling” In Love And “Being” In Love.

Falling in love is, in essence, falling into the emptiness of your own being.

You expect the other person to fill that gap and complete you, something only you can and should do.
Being in love, however, is the true path of love.

Be in love with yourself.

Be in love with your neighbor.

But first, love yourself up to the brim – shaken up and overflowing!
So that you can share that love with others.

How can you give something to someone you do not yourself own?

What you give out of your inner emptiness can never be real because it doesn’t exist.

Isn’t it just…not right?

Can’t you see?

You’ve been living an illusion in the name of Love!

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20 thoughts to “Be In Love, Because Falling In Love Is Simply An Illusion!”

  1. It’s important to love yourself and have total confidence and self esteem before you share part of yourself with others. Falling in love to me is not losing yourself but only like adoring other people but still keeping something for yourself.

  2. It’s indeed true how one should be in love and not fall in love. Yet, the feeling of falling in love is often so great that it felt like losing yourself sometime!

  3. That’s such a beautiful message, George. Thank you for the reminder that it’s important to love yourself first before loving another person. I love the idea of being in love instead of falling in love.

  4. Learning awesome tips on love here. It pays to love yourself without doubts or validation from anyone cos therein lies the beauty that radiates to the world about oneself!

  5. I think “falling” in love is just an idiomatic expression, and does not really reflect the actual sensation of discovering love. You have to “fall” in love first to be “in” love — even with yourself.

  6. I’ve been reading a lot about “LOVING YOURSELF”. And that’s TRUE!

    It’s been my motto in life: “Loving yourself first before searching for love in your life.”

  7. Awesome post George! Love is powerful and it’s not only limited to loving a special someone. One thing most people tend to forget is to love themselves and everyone important in their lives. thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful post. Yes, many a times I mention rising in love instead of falling in love. If you don’t love yourself and if your lover doesn’t bring out the best in you, its not love!!

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