stop compromising with toxic people

Are You Compromising With Toxic People?

Move out, please.

Do not compromise.

Please let go of all those things that are bringing in truckloads of negative frequency into your life.

Tsk Tsk.

Then move away!

Your life is too short to entertain pessimists and complainers.
Those who cannot stand the good in others cannot possibly be worth your time.
Your life is too short to be with people who suck out the goodness and beauty around you!

Move on.

And never come back!

Disappear – like the unfortunate smile that appears and vanishes on a cynic’s face.
Fly away from the illusory cage.
You were created to appreciate, and not to stay sucked into a depressing condition.

It’s easier than you think.
It just takes one small step.
Once you remove the negativity around you, you will naturally attract positive people.

Happiness is a conscious choice!

There is nothing smoky about a sad person!
Remember – toxic people – they are everywhere!
Live in the ‘Now’.
Now‘ is your time!
Etch this moment and never settle!

No matter what your current problems,
No matter how you’ve been treated in the past.
It’s time to detox –

Because you will always deserve better!

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19 thoughts to “Are You Compromising With Toxic People?”

  1. Why people who are sad and pessimistic might be toxic, I will have to sad no one can escape from a bad and sad day. The most important thing is to be able to jump back on track and be happy again!

  2. This world is full of toxic people and how you survive in that circle is upto you. It is not easy but not impossible too.

  3. No! I can’t compromise toxic people. But I will not fight with them either. Let them be what they want. I will get them out of my life because these are the people not worth to be with.

  4. Correct. There are people like this. They have negative energy about them that you feel uneasy with them. Try to help them see the positive side of things. But if they persist in their negativity, break off. You can get infected.

  5. You can’t let a toxic person hinder you from the things that you want, that’s for sure. This post is a good reminder that you’re better and you deserve to be free from people who are dragging you down. Thanks!

  6. I so love this post. If something or someone is bringing more negativity than positivity, it’s better to stay away and just move out. I also like the choice of words in this post. 🙂 -Claire Algarme

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