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6 Super Easy Tips To Practise Self-Love

Are you with me?

Are you ready to learn some of the most basic and simple methods to appreciate the awesomeness of yourself? Yes, we are all created unique with mind – blowing potential. But most of us have dwelt for too long in the land of the sorrowful and the depressed.

In earlier posts we saw the importance of first loving ourselves and filling our inner-emptiness before starting a ‘real’ relationship. But those posts were merely motivational. In this post I have written six super easy ways we can practice self-love.

These methods are obviously inspired from other sources. A simple Google search will direct you to thousands of websites and their long lists. But this compilation is the one I follow. They are very simple steps and you can easily remember them.

Before you begin reading these methods, please understand that self-love is something that nurtures you. No, it does not turn you into a self-centered prick. It is very different from narcissism or vanity. If you haven’t read the related posts, first browse through these:

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And here we go –

1) Live Intentionally

The first step is to live every moment with an intention. Whatever you do, do it only after you’ve thought through the consequences. It is very similar to meditating; focusing on one or a few things. So, when you talk to people today, be aware of how you converse. I’m not saying that you change your style and make everyone uncomfortable. I’m just asking you to be aware. Living intentionally is by far one of the best methods to live in the moment. It is very practical and gratifying.


2) Choose Joy

That’s it. When you wake up in the morning, choose joy!

No, you don’t have to perform any tantric ritual or enter into meditation. Simply tell yourself, and believe yourself with every piece of hope you’ve got, that – “Come what may, I will be joyful today!

Before long, you’ll see for yourself that it works!

As you pass through the day, you will constantly be reminded of this little choice you made in the morning. Remember, no one hurts you unless you give your mind permission to feel hurt.

Why not choose joy? Because let’s face it, hurting hurts!


3) Live Easily

Facebook and all these other media pop up these thoughts on how difficult life is. Maybe it’s the truth, that life is difficult. Maybe that’s the ‘reality’ society wants to instill into your fickle mind. Again, think of life as being easy.

Once you repeat to yourself that life is easy and really believe it in your gut, you will realize that it is indeed not as difficult as ‘they’ want you to believe. Yes, things suck and circumstances crush us down at times, but you will see that all is not as bad as it seems.

You have survived 16, 20 or 40 years of your life not by happenstance, but by trusting yourself. Trust yourself with this notion too. It may just make things a lot simpler.


4) Say Bye to Drama

No drama!

No drama!

You will come across some people who just love to create drama into their lives. Inadvertently, it starts pulling you into the evil circle as well.

Say no to drama.

Drama is for those who have nothing genuinely likable in their lives.

They discuss people. They laugh at your dressing sense. They discuss the mistakes of their friends. They discuss the things that are clearly meant to regress and not progress. They discuss age-old redundant traditions. They discuss religion with a closed mind. They discuss family politics. They follow the popular. They believe in good looks. They laugh at the different ones.

They grumble and grumble and on and on they go. They are the hookers (um…no pun intended), they hook you into staying average, into staying miserable in their misery. They catch you in their mood swings and throttle you with their constant complaints of their surroundings. Like I’d stated in an earlier post:

Toxic people everywhere!


5)  Spend Time with Yourself

No, your cell phone is not a part of you. Leave it aside for half an hour every day. Keep aside all your work for this duration and spend time with yourself. You can do a variety of things.

a) Take a walk
b) Pray
c) Meditate
d) Watch the sunrise or the sunset
and the best and the most fun
e) take a walk and say to yourself all that you are thankful for. You’d be surprised with the gratitude flowing out of you.


6) Start Liking What You See in the Mirror

And I’m not just talking about your face (profile). When you look in the mirror, you should feel proud of the person you are becoming. You should be happy with your wits and your body. You should be praising yourself that you are on a path of self transformation, be it on your body or attitude.

You should love and accept yourself just the way you are in that moment. Because at that particular moment in space-time, you are a wonderful work of art and you were never more awesome than what you are NOW, cracks and all.

Say to the face in the mirror,

I Love You!

And mean it. As cheesy as it sounds coming from me, try it once, mean it, and you will feel overwhelmed by your own words. The feeling is inexplicable!

At the end of the day, you only love others as you love yourself!


Simple, weren’t they?

Make it a routine to follow these methods. You don’t even have to remember them all. If you start following even one of the tips you will find yourself coming back for more.

Remember – that latent emptiness within wants this very attitude from you.

Satisfy it. Please.


What do you have to say about this? Did you follow them before you came to my blog? What are some of the other methods you have in mind? Do you have a question or anything to add?

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19 thoughts to “6 Super Easy Tips To Practise Self-Love”

  1. I love this. I hate drama though except the one that goes on on TV 🙂 We all need to practice self-love! If we can’t love ourselves by practicing the points you mentioned and even more, it will be impossible for us to love others.

  2. While we love to love others, we should not forget ourselves. If we love ourselves, we can love others way better. It is just that self-love should not become Narcissism though.

  3. I agree with all of these. Self love is such a vital thing. If you can’t be happy for yourself, it’ll be hard and almost impossible to be happy for something else.

  4. Love these! It’s really important to free yourself from all the complications and the drama. Aside from that, make sure to drop anything toxic in your life that could potentially pull you down. And always, always have fun!

  5. Yes to all, especially #4!!! I’ve gotten rid of the drama, the negativity, and the haters in my life. I mean, not haters towards me, but haters of success. Those who continuously try to put other people down or are just so negative.

  6. Of all of this, liking what you see in the mirror might be the hardest to do. Even the most positive person in the world will find something wrong with how he looks. You really need a lot of self-love to get over this bad habit.

  7. I love this post, no pun intended! It is important to love yourself. It is difficult to give out love if we don’t first give it to ourselves. If you respect yourself, others will also respect you.

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